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Trust Planning

Until recently, professional Trust Planning was the preserve of the very wealthy, due mainly to the lack of experts able to construct the intricate legal documentation required, the expertise and knowledge required in advising the appropriate structures and the associated high costs that go hand in hand with rarity. But why do these wealthy people spend so much to create Trust Structures? Quite simply it is for the efficient preservation of family wealth, from all manner of deteriorating factors such as taxation, divorce, or simply bad relationships.

Our Specialists are now able to bring this level of planning to a much wider population, through consolidation of in-depth expertise and knowledge in trust planning, aggregating the legal paperwork to specialists in a centralised location thus allowing us economies of scale to bring the costs right down to affordable levels.

We can therefore offer access to the establishment of personalised Family Trust Structures without the premium price tag providing you the planning tools that offer huge benefits, both financial and personal.

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